Benefits of a Private Foundation

Private Foundations Offer a Unique Solution

Private foundations play an important role in helping fund charitable activities around the world. In some formats they have the flexibility of performing their own charitable programs. For the most part, foundations are organized for the purpose of financially assisting qualified public charities through grants.

Families enjoy the amount of flexibility and control that their private foundations offer. Board control can be held by related parties, close family, or other closely connected individuals. Private foundations can be funded with all types of appreciated assets, although there are some limitations to cost-basis deductions for contributions other than cash and publicly traded securities. Investments can grow in a tax-preferred environment while a minimum of 5% of net assets are to be used for grants and charitable purposes annually.

Why a Private Foundation?

There are many benefits for families and individuals such as income tax deductions, capital gain tax bypass, estate tax bypass, and the opportunity to create a lasting charitable family legacy. Private foundations are intended to be endowments earmarked for the benefit of charitable organizations and efforts, thus affording families to include children and grandchildren in their philanthropic efforts. Close family board control can ensure ongoing charitable family involvement for generations to come.

Private foundations are incredibly flexible, but they are also subject to tighter compliance restrictions than public charities by the IRS. Crewe Foundation Services will administrate your foundation specifically for those regulations giving you peace of mind that your private foundation will be operated and administered in compliance with all rules, regulations, and filings that are required.

Crewe Foundation Services All-Inclusive Service

Along with our legal counsel, we provide complete setup, filing, and registrations for new private foundations. Once your private foundation is established, our ongoing services include:

  • Grants Management
    • Full online access for research and grant requests
    • Grant recipient due diligence and qualification
    • Set up and negotiations of all grant agreements
    • Foreign grant setup and management
    • Grant processing
    • Grant reporting
    • Grant responses and communication
    • Annual and quarterly grant reports
  • Accounting and Bookkeeping
  • Tax Reporting and Filing
  • Compliance Management with State and Federal Regulators

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